Today IAM Grateful

Grateful for the rain, the clear air, the skies, the full moon, the sun, the birds, and the trees. For this beautiful Thanksgiving day in the City of Angels.

Grateful for The Call. The Call that led me to first sit down and meditate 32 years ago. The Call which led me to all of my wonderful spiritual teachers, past, present, and future. The Call to enter in direct relationship with the Divine, as all of my friends and family, work associates, acquaintances, compadres, compatriots, brothers and sisters, yogis, yoginis, siddhas, gurus, rishis, masters, guides, colleagues, friends, lovers and others. The Call to feel the suffering, my own and others, and experience the darkness as fertile ground for new light. The Call to heal, to laugh, to cry, to dance, to exhort “Yes!” The Call for further awakening, further embodiment, further connection, further fellowship, more love, more service, more celebration, more inspiration, more patience, more surrender. More Truth. More Right Action. More Peace. More Love — Satya. Dharma. Shanti. Prema. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!